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Hotel design calls for 'wisdom made in China'

Date: 2018-02-09

Began in the 1980 s, foreign pursueing the non-standard hotel, people used to think that the earliest "design hotel" is a new generation of industrial design from France "superstar" Phillip stark, who in 1988 for the New York hotel royal successful decorate a design, marked the world's first "designer hotel" was born.China's first "design" hotel, is in Beijing at the turn of the century "commune" at the foot of the Great Wall badaling feet.In recent years, as people demand for hotel experience respectively from functional development, more and more with the design of hotel arises at the historic moment.On January 22nd, in "the 8th international hotel design BBS", some industry higher-ups multi-angle chang theory understanding of hotel design.
Reform demand supply side
On the BBS, several guest speakers said, now has been at China hotel industry from standardization to non-standard in the new period, all over the country a lot of home stay facility, boutique hotels, theme and design hotel, is to meet the personalized, diversified demand as the guidance, this is the consumer market consumption group iteration update results.And the result is also the hotel designers should pay attention to the key points.
In columnist dialectical point of view, after 70, after 80, even after 80 to become the main market consumption, their personalized demand accommodation market appeared a variety of style products, some of the hotel design has been boarded the popular culture.
Beijing zun real estate company chairman, Taipei SHotel chairman wang believes that the hotel is mainly in order to satisfy people's housing needs, now has become a way of life of the carrier, such as some young people like to put the hotel in Taipei as a stronghold of the life, therefore, the hotel design should meet the demand of this part of people's consumption.The reason why he said that Taipei SHotel invited the world famous designer philippe stark as design, purpose is to hope that through this "father" of design hotel Taipei hotel consumption patterns to innovation.
SRT Liu Bo greater China general manager with a series of data shows that the design of the hotel business with distinct features has been leading the way, especially in other luxury hotels usually on Sunday and Monday "off-season" moment needs "is still strong," design hotel fans viscous degree is high.
Design is the soul of the culture
The primary difference between design and standardized hotel where is it?The guests alike, is that the hotel is around the function design and experience design.Standardized hotel is industrial age can satisfy people's travel demand and the chaining copy of accommodation space, basically meet accommodation and function of the meeting;Then the industrialization era, the rise of non-standard accommodation, including characteristics of avant-garde, fashion, unique design hotel, is to meet the leisure experience and arises at the historic moment of the "new species" hotel.
Hong Kong ABConcept designer firm belief in the three core idea is that the pursuit of aesthetic architectural design excellence;Adhere to the principle of body writing, creating unique personality and taste of outstanding works;Focus on every detail, create a stimulating senses and visuals of the interior space, create a people-oriented personalized atmosphere.Three years ago, they designed for Shanghai four seasons hotel in the pudong new area, a senior Chinese dining room "is still seats", is well received."Still seats" in Shanghai unique design based on history, the neoclassical style of Shanghai in the 1930 s and a perfect fusion of traditional Chinese elements with elegant design with Shanghai luxuriant model, brand-new deduce the neoclassicism style.ABConcept founder Ed ng in the BBS said: "we are now no longer is to design a hotel, also is not to design a restaurant, lobby, we design an experience, so from that perspective, as a design hotel can let a person have a kind of experience is the most critical.If after you have a hotel, don't have any impression to illustrate the design without success."
Is known as "with great walking on series" in Tibetan plateau's praise, chairman of among the club, with his in yunnan Tibet ring and yunnan ring built more than a dozen high-quality goods on the experience of the participants, the key to the success of non-standard design of the hotel, is that can you provide in the experience of culture."People are all the way here, is to experience the unique Tibetan folk culture and unique natural beauty.Therefore, loose every hotel, built in the push out window can cloud Tibetan plateau beautiful scenery panoramic view.
France, summer flower boutique hotel group chairman Philip lambert said, from 1954, the summer flower brand was born in France, we have such a promise, all hotels are integrated into the local culture and landscape, because 60% of our hotels are associated with the United Nations world heritage site, so we call yourself a culture and the guardian of the soul.
The tapestried mystery of Beijing mandarin Oriental hotel, the front door is a Beijing siheyuan culture for the design of the hotel.As the hotel design, ranking third in Hong Kong CCD architects, partner and vice President Hu Weijian introduced him to the participants of the culture of "courtyard"."In order to respect the cultural inheritance, the designer will keep appearance and courtyard layout, building structure and internal departments in accordance with the requirements in terms of comfort, modern Oriental hotel front door culture is one of them.We tried in hutong residents live in the community to build a distributed courtyard hotel, let house have with the siheyun of Beijing residents as well as the real experience of culture.But on the hotel decoration, we boldly USES warm color, break the dark and dusty stereotypes of Chinese style buildings, let a person more warm feeling, modern, comfortable, and outside hutong cold gray tone contrasts.We hope is to use modern Oriental atmosphere build the living atmosphere."

Open the art experience
Some say, full of design feeling of the popularity of the hotel, not only means the hotel space aesthetic revolution, is also a revolution of modern travel values.The hotel is no longer just the guests had to live in a trip, and become the guest dream to place to live.Although due to the design of the hotel investment cost is higher, the consumer body is still in the majority with high net worth individuals, but the sense of lay particular stress on the design of the hotel's classic art makes people travel idea is changing.They are attracting more multiple value and experience of tourists.
The sheep house of suzhou is a white paper draw the design of the hotel.By Forbes as China's most influential designers of sheep house founder jamy Yang introduced his crossover from the industrial design of hotel design.His design philosophy, he says, is away from the surface of the external cavity, the hustle and bustle, symbolic form, implements the birth of the logic behind, deconstruction representation to find in the virtual Internet era under the condition of humanism and the boundary of the digital culture.He said: "on the design of the barn, suzhou gardens art gave me great inspiration.Ancient gardens of suzhou gardens for more scholars and artisans cooperation, based on painting, poetry to chisel pool heap mountains, walking scene, winding path leading to a secluded spot, to master the easily, make the garden hill, every inch can produce profound artistic conception, create the era can present the high quality of life aesthetics."To that end, he seeks a boundary of real and virtual world, really the distance between the real and true surface, and then after two years of trial and error, deconstruction and reconstruction and construction repeatedly, so that the traditional and modern, art and architecture, function and experience to achieve the perfect unification.
Built with investment from Hong Kong swire hotel "Yong homes" is about to open in Shanghai, nanjing west road of swire remit, it is flat "home" series of the fourth out of hotels, the design style is from Italy, Yong s general manager Michael falkner said, the people live in the hotel, hope is a kind of art experience.
BBS, almost all the guests have a consensus, China quality tourism era is coming, this will be given the characteristics of experience economy hotel bring more opportunities, the need to Chinese and foreign hotel designers play ingenuity, deduce "wisdom made in China" in the hospitality industry, being unique and comfort and local cultural characteristics and perfect unity, with his bones from the design of the Oriental culture hotel speaking good Chinese story, with Oriental cultural links to world civilization.