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The 2018 Spring Festival tourism strategy: the hotel don't rise in price

Date: 2018-02-09

2018 Spring Festival approaching, choose to rise in the number of people travel in successive years, the Chinese New Year this year, sanya, chengdu, xi 'an early popular destinations such as Spring Festival many hotel hung a "full house", there are inventory of hotel prices surged.In Kyoto, Bangkok and other popular destinations outside, a lot of the hotel during the Spring Festival also has a room is hard to find.

, travel day cellular network for still not plan to travel, and tourists to travel for the holiday, and released the 2018 Spring Festival travel first aid guide, travel by day cellular between data platform for analyzing the user during the Spring Festival is the most popular attractions and play, and the sifting hotel prices steady destination.

In addition to price, first travel visa also need to consider time, before the Spring Festival, many countries will be suspended for visa processing, day honeycomb composite factors, recommended a series of destination for travel and fun.

Go to the island change the posture to see the sea

Looking for a warm island to spend the Spring Festival, become the new choice for many Chinese tourists, honeycomb, according to data from the big day many popular southeast Asia such as koh samui island hotel prices rose more than 100%.But there are many famous island, due to the tourist season and the main group is different, the Spring Festival hotel prices more smoothly, high cost performance.

Is located in the southern hemisphere adjacent Mauritius in the Indian Ocean world famous island destination.Travel during the Spring Festival this year, day of cellular network of hotel prices even lower than usual.In addition to traditional island dive project, Mauritius and the characteristics of many projects, can play water sofa, chang water drag umbrella, sea walking and water paraglider.Say from Mauritius dolphin bay in the west bank close contact bottlenose dolphins in the world the best place.In addition, Mauritius, sierra nature park, there are a variety of wild animals and can be a miniature version of Kenya.At present, Chinese citizens with valid passport, round-trip airfare and hotel confirmations, can enjoy visa-free treatment, the longest for 60 days.

If you fly to Mauritius too tired, direct to 4 to 6 hours to symbian is another good choice, during the Spring Festival, symbian hotel prices also with flat.Love diving experience of tourists can go to symbian famous "blue hole", also can go up to 10 meters visibility of warship island sea "glass" snorkeling.Saipan and an essential nightlife activities, leave a good appetite is go to morrow night market, with roast Suckling pig, shark fin and lobster, fill your stomach while enjoying the lithe and graceful body appearance hula girls Micronesia style.Chinese citizens traveling to symbian, a round trip ticket to enjoy visa-free entry policy, 45 days before a visa, as long as take passport can rush to the sea.

To a travel to eastern Europe and South America

Another way to avoid the rush, come to a more distant journey.Relative to Japan, Thailand, these foreign popular destination country, far eastern Europe and South America, for Chinese tourists more strange and romantic, because its main group is not in China, the overall traffic and local hotel prices during the Spring Festival is not a rising tide lifts all boats.

Eastern Europe a lot of city worth a visit, belong to the old European romantic along the Danube river, string of music Vienna, literary youth shrine in Prague, the first kiss lost the highest rate of Budapest and photography lovers paradise brad...Select several cities for a walk, or stay in one place.Every city in eastern Europe can play two or three days, and is worth playing for a year or two, tourists can according to your own preferences planning schedule.

Want to escape the cold, in addition to the south, you can also go to the southern hemisphere.South American style also is rich, including a passport visa to China, Cuba and Ecuador, Bolivia can be born sign, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, panama, costa rica, and Puerto Rico can enjoy visa-free policy on a U.S. visa.Chile's Easter island, and the sky city of machu picchu in Peru, warm and mysterious Indian culture, to attract tourists to visit.