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Want to be a web celebrity hotel?To enhance the level of 'scene' appearance

Date: 2018-11-10

In the lugu lake side also has a "mirror" of the sky, and already became the major social media platform, has attracted many tourists "with" little red book, "for" tremble audio and video to clock in, and even have a guest in the lugu lake for a week, just to live in the sky of the poem lily if cbsi hotel.

From trill, the little red book such as the rise of new social platform, it is not hard to see the Internet gives individuals unprecedented exhibition space, a lot of accurate traffic are from these individuals share and chain relationship.Word of mouth effect brought by the spread of fission under traffic dividends, have many represented by the home stay facility and boutique hotel accommodation industry instead of the traditional marketing methods in succession, in order to through the social platform "with red" own brand, introducing online traffic line, into a steady stream of traffic.But unfortunately, just as not everyone can become a web celebrity, many home stay facility and devoted "huge" boutique hotel, but viewers still lack of interest.And "diversion" isn't it please "water army" a single brush can realize.

Although the "popular" in social media there was a chance, but it is not no rules to follow.Industry is put forward, an essential feature of a web celebrity hotel is the success of the scene.As a representative if lily's cbsi hotel scene "sky mirror", is actually a huge mirror and into the lake by the thrill of visual effect.But why designers choose in lugu lake Banks design such a scenario, the what is "routine"?

"This is the scene poem lily hotel brand level logic in appearance, can be understood as to a user's entire journey become beautiful.In the journey, the user in the poem lily hotel can appreciate and captured by the unique beauty, found in the novel scene experience local scenery, different memories.This poem not only make lily in user mind leaving distinctive brand memory, also has formed the prompt users share power transmission of fission, tens of thousands of users to become poetry lily's spontaneous, and lily harvest network attention also will more and more high."Poetry lily brand XiaoKai, head of the revelation, lily scene strategy is successful, due to its "appearance" as the core of development philosophy.Poem lily is accurate grasp of the Internet in mind, psychological analysis of users, and the key points of consensus.

"Therefore, in the innovation and the building of the scene, we will stand and users, not only think they thought, than they think."XiaoKai said.In the eyes of some people poetry is lily "capricious", they will be because of a scene to build a hotel.In fact, in the poem, lily has a position called scene architects, they in the global search for the tens of thousands of case scenarios, through layers of screening, can eventually form 99 "pulled down" user putted forward, and gradually in the subsequent construction of the hotel, looking for the right environment to the ground.

Lily's pursuit of poetry appearance level can be as simple as not only the scene appearance.XiaoKai further explanation, the scene is beautiful, but you can't help users in it become beautiful, won't make a scene into a hot style.So, poetry lily from group to training area, as far as possible let every staff become a photographer.Even many stores to clean the room aunt can provide guests with looking for photo shooting Angle, design position, modification services.

These is not enough, XiaoKai introduction, in the subsequent scene operation and update iteration, poetry lily very refined special assessment scheme for store set up.One is the assessment of store operations and service team, for example, if there is a introduction and guide to check-in the user completes the scene.Poems by lily from various channels to collect user's evaluation, feedback and the Internet word of mouth to side supervision and store operations.In the subsequent 2 it is to urge the stores a group operating in continuous update iteration, constantly improve and change scene, rather than stand still.Store innovation experience in actual operation, also will be used to in the construction of new scene.

XiaoKai concluded, on the scene building, poetry, lily has formed a closed loop operation.Late in the location of the comprehensive considerations when it can implantable scene;Through the products and the design of the space, enlarge the hotel around the beauty advantage;To add more interesting elements, let the surrounding landscape and the hotel scene depth fusion, form the hotel unique critical point and the label;Enhance the consciousness of the service team, hotel staff possess the skills to help users beauty photo;Through the evaluation of special solution scenario operation and update the iteration.Now, lily has completed the "scene to attract users, user experience, spontaneous share spread" the positive cycle.

Although said who can win the user's attention and time, most who is the inlet flow rate.But for this relatively low frequency of accommodation industry consumer products, how to continue to the user's attention, let users clock become loyal fans, are still worth the network popular hotel to discover.